About DTFS 2022

Heritage is creative generation

The theme for the Design Trust Futures studio 2022 programme is Heritage is creative generation.

This year DTFS partners with Hong Kong Palace Museum, inspired by Project Twelve, a cultural and design exploratory project using a theme of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. During a 12-year period starting from 2008, an outstanding Asian artist or designer, was invited each year to create a masterpiece sculpture, using the zodiac sign of the respective year as a theme.

The six-month long programme is an accelerated, compressed version of DTFS created out of creative urgency to collaborate during the pandemic. With the team and partners, 12 designers/ collectives are invited to propose and craft a new interpretation of one Chinese zodiac work relating to Project Twelves past works, with their creative spark; whilst adding their independent and creative skills informed by a series of dialogues and workshops, and showcased at Scholars Commons, the Hong Kong Palace Museum, that opens to the public July 2022.

Designers: Adonian Chan (Co-founder, Trilingua Design), Elaine Yan Ling Ng (Founder, The Fabrick Lab), Florian Wegenast and Christine Lew (Co-founder, Studio Florian + Christine), Alexandra Batten & Daniel Kamp (Co-founders, Batten and Kamp), Julie Progin and Jesse Mclin (Co-founders, Julie & Jesse), Bob Pang, Ken Chow (Founder, Yat Muk Studio), Su Chang (Principal of Su Chang Design Research Office), Jacqueline Chak (Partner of EDIT and EDITECTURE), Mic Leong & Soilworm Lai (Stickyline), Tin Lau, and Niko Leung (Founder, Future is Transparency)

Mentors: Raman Hui, Cynthia Sah, Chelsia Lau, Dennis Chan, Kan Tai-keung, Chi Wing Lo, Anthony Lo, Man Fung-yi & Mok Yat-san, Edwin Chan and Freeman Lau.

Advisors: Daisy Yiyou Wang (Deputy Director at the Hong Kong Palace Museum), Tianlong Jiao (Head Curator at the Hong Kong Palace Museum)

Lead curator: Marisa Yiu

Collaborators: Louis Ng, Freeman Lau

Design Trust Futures Studio 2022 Curatorial and Project Team: Marisa Yiu (Lead Curator), Zheng Zhou (Associate Curator & Designer), Mavis Wong (Project & Communications Manager)